Patient & Diagnosis

The Mila Gregor practice offers you a complete diagnosis

From the first to the last visit, find out here about the steps in the diagnostic process carried out by our orthodontists.

First visit

The first visit is to establish contact, a simple consultation. Learning about your concerns and your desires is a key element in the relationship with you and/or your child.

The clinical examination, performed by Dr Gregor, will disclose a list of orthodontic problems to be solved. The means by which we can solve the problems can be confirmed only through a detailed diagnosis, requested by the insurance companies and carried out during the second visit.

Second visit

Arriving at our ultimate goal in ideal orthodontics, starts with the diagnosis of the associated problems. This includes not only the teeth, but also the joints, the face and oral function.

Some people have hidden skeletal problems, such as facial asymetries. Others suffer from delays or deficiencies in growth. All these defects can be detected only through a detailed and correct evaluation.

During the second visit, we will therefore take x-rays and photos and make models, as well as taking three-dimensional measurements of the oral function.

It is sometimes required to complete the study with a  cone beam CT scan, that gives us a 3D view of the placement of the teeth to the cranial bones.   

Third visit

The presentation of cephalometric analysis as well as different treatment options will be presented to you at this time. Full explanation of the WHYs and HOWs is given to the parents and patient. 

We will then explain to you the care to be given, as well as a financial plan. Preparatory steps, appliance placement steps and post treatment will also be covered.

The diagnosis is finished here, and it is up to you whether you want to start the treatment.

Fourth visit

Placement of the appliance


The visits following the placement of the appliance (braces) depends on the type of treatment and on the successive visits.


Passive phase or retention with retainers.

Two years of post-active treatment follow-up are included in the price of the treatment (around four visits).

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